Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check how much you’ve got?

Now that your miner is set up, you can sit back and watch your graphics cards generate passive income i
n the form of Ethereum every day. It is important to consider any variable costs you may incur during
the mine to determine your profitability. Variable costs can be energy costs
, maintenance costs, pool commission, commission for the use of the
program, withdrawal commission, etc. You will need to go to the site of your p
ool to enter the address of his public wallet. Take the Nanopool pool as an example.

Enter your public wallet’s address in the search bar and you’ll be able to see all your Ethereum mining efforts.In the case
of the Nanopool pool, when your balance reaches 0.01 ETH, it will be sent to your wallet, which you entered earlier in the start.bat.

If Phoenixminer doesn’t start

If the program does not start, the following reasons for failure are possible:

  • This is because miners don’t have digital signatures like regular MS WORD-type programs.
  • You didn’t put the driver on the graphics card. Solution: Install a driver
  • You’ve installed drivers, but they’re out of date. Solution: upgrade the driver to version 19.7.5 (inclusive),
    and from 19.12.2 to 20.11.1 (inclusive).
  • You have an old version of the miner. Solution: Update the program on the links above.
  • Your graphics card is not suitable for mining. See the phoenix miner requirements.
  • The miner’s file is damaged or removed. Solution: re-download the program on the links above.
  • You have an error in the command line syntax. See the solution in the section below.

Command line syntax error

If you have such a mistake, then you need:

  • Make sure there are no unnecessary line transfers
  • Make sure there are no extra gaps
  • Make sure that each team starts with a minus sign: -
  • To check the syntax, it’s a good idea to edit .bat file in a notebook, and install a Notepad editor
  • Look at the teams, maybe they’re a typo.
  • Finish the pause word at the very end of the .bat file. This will help you reflect in the
    console what the program doesn’t like
  • Make sure you downloaded the program from a reliable source
  • If it didn’t help, download the program again and use the .bat file, but don’t forget to replace your wallet with your own!

How to check before which DAG era works miner?

  • The program has the default setting for 2 eras ahead. Check out the readme file and command: -eres
  • You can try to change this… Enter -eres 10 and see what the program will say.
  • The program allocates for DAG quite a few eras ahead (default: 2)
    You can avoid allocating new buffers for each DAG era switch, which should improve the stability of the DAG file switch.

You can specify this option for each graphics card separately.